About the Clinic

Located in Ramat Aviv, we offer a comprehensive array of dental services.

We provide a full scope of esthetic and reconstructive dentistry with expertise ranging from porcelain veneers to dental implants, crowns and bridges.  We provide the highest level of dental care.

Our practice offers the finest quality dental care in a modern and serene environment.  We take great pride in offering the most current procedures and have a shared philosophy in delivering the highest dental services.  With the support of our world-class laboratory technicians who work closely with Dr. Carmi, we are able to produce the finest quality, natural looking, and long lasting dental restorations.

Dr. Carmi, is a graduate of the faculty of Dental Medicine at Tel Aviv University with honors.

Dr. Carmi has the ability and high skills to rehabilitate your mouth in complex situations, requiring creative and aesthetic solutions.

Our dental team includes high skilled professionals, the team of experts include:

An orthodontist, an expert in pediatric dentistry, a specialist in root canal treatments, a mouth and jaw surgeon and a dental hygienist.

The skilled providers offer a host of dental services for the entire family under one roof.

We welcome new patients and appreciate the opportunity of taking care of your family and friends you may refer.

Clinic phone: 03-6200711

Address: 5 Rodensky St., Tel Aviv

Email: clinic@drcarmi.co.il


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